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About the Author

Hedge Vision seeks to analyze hedge fund holdings in order to find the highest quality companies with the best long-term potential. Tracking the holdings of top-performing investors provides a vast array of knowledge that is scarcely covered.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Finance and have worked as an analyst at a Fortune 500 company. I currently work as a writer at a financial media publication.

A book that has heavily influenced my investing philosophy is Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits by Philip A. Fisher. Warren Buffett and his counterpart, Charlie Munger, both claim their investing styles have been influenced by Fisher.

I make sure to reference Fisher's 15 Points, a detailed qualitative checklist described in his book, before making any investment decision.

Here are a few of my favorite points:

"Does the company have products or services with sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years?"

As a growth investor, I like to invest in companies with high sales growth each quarter. In my opinion, companies selling products/services that have a consistent and constant desire, like cloud services, e-commerce, and cybersecurity, will likely perform well over the long term.

"Does the company have a short-range or long-range outlook in regard to profits?"

An investor should only be focused on the long term outlook of companies he/she invests in. Investing in unprofitable companies shouldn't be seen as taboo as long as margins and FCF trend up over the long run. Additionally, the path to profitability should be clearly sustainable.

"Does the management talk freely to investors about its affairs when things are going well but "clam up" when troubles and disappointments occur?"

An ideal company is completely transparent about their operations and financials. No company is immune to bad news, and an honest management team should report all significant news to shareholders, rain or shine.

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Disclosure & Disclaimer

Hedge Vision is not investment advice. Any opinions and thoughts in Hedge Vision represent the author’s opinion only. Personal due diligence and adequate research should be done before taking any investment position.

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